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Queen Herawin mini art print
Queen Herawin mini art print

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Queen Herawin mini art print


One 4″ x 6″ mini print of a portrait illustration that I did of emcee Queen Herawin. See original here.

This is a LIMITED QUANTITY print, with only 4 to purchase right here. There are other opportunities to get one of these: by chance (ordering a “mystery print” where I randomly handpick one to send) or through a giveaway on my Instagram at a later date. That said, if you absolutely want one*, order quickly! First come, first serve.

* These are sold individually, meaning you can only buy one of Queen Herawin. This way, other people have an opportunity to get their hands on one, too.


  • The sizing is that of a postcard: 4″ x 6″
  • Print is matte. The front (with the art) has a smooth, soft-feel coating. The back is a lime green color, and says “WOMXN IN HIP HOP BY TIFFANY BURRISS” in black lettering, on the bottom left corner. You are able to write on the back.
  • Each print comes numbered (on the back) and signed.
  • Colors are bold and vibrant, but may appear different on your screen than in real life.

Introduction that I wrote about Queen Herawin in 2019: Queen Herawin is an emcee from The Bronx, New York. As a Juggaknots fan since 2003 (Clear Blue Skies is still classic), I, of course, got introduced to the strength of @thequeenherawin‘s lyricism once she became a permanent member, joining her brothers Breeze Brewin’ & Buddy Slim, & then releasing Use Your Confusion in ’06. However, before that, she established her mic presence on mid-90s songs, like the Indelible MCs banger “Weight” (she kills that first verse!), or a Juggaknots cut called “This Morning”. Shining over boom bap beats, Herawin’s internal rhyme style is equipped with metaphors, clever wordplay, storytelling, & intricate poetry as she morphs between deliveries that are either cool & concise, or straight up lyrical lashings. You’ll find her penning verses to: celebrate womanhood, inspire others, release pent up energy, expose emotional memories as therapy, remember old friends, to remind people of the lyrical threat she poses, & more. Since Juggaknots, she has released solo material, collaborative efforts, & you’ll find her spittin’ freestyles & conversing about hip hop wherever possible. She dropped a solo album, titled Metamorphosis, in 2015. She has released a few new songs, such as “If Not Him, Then Who” (go watch the vid), from her upcoming EP, titled The Space Between Things. She linked up with Tiye Phoenix for her “Kill Bill 3” song, along with Stahhr, & we hear the 3 deadly emcees unleash fury. On top of that, she is also a mother, an artist, & a certified educator having taught in both New York & Chicago (where she currently lives). She still works alongside her brothers, too, running the Matic Entertainment label. Stay tuned for her new EP & all things Queen Herawin by following her.

FYI: While you wait for her forthcoming EP, watch the video for “If Not Him, Then Who” below. Also watch a freestyle she did in 2019.

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