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Destiny Roberts mini art print
Destiny Roberts mini art print

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Destiny Roberts mini art print


One 4″ x 6″ mini print of a portrait illustration that I did of emcee Destiny Roberts. See original here.

This is a LIMITED QUANTITY print, with only 4 to purchase right here. There are other opportunities to get one of these: by chance (ordering a “mystery print” where I randomly handpick one to send) or through a giveaway on my Instagram at a later date. That said, if you absolutely want one*, order quickly! First come, first serve.

* These are sold individually, meaning you can only buy one of Destiny Roberts. This way, other people have an opportunity to get their hands on one, too.


  • The sizing is that of a postcard: 4″ x 6″
  • Print is matte. The front (with the art) has a smooth, soft-feel coating. The back is a lime green color, and says “WOMXN IN HIP HOP BY TIFFANY BURRISS” in black lettering, on the bottom left corner. You are able to write on the back.
  • Each print comes numbered (on the back) and signed.

Introduction that I wrote about Destiny Roberts in 2019: Destiny Roberts, a rapper, singer & producer from St. Paul, Minnesota. I got put onto @dezzyraww in April when I heard “The Jungle”! I quickly gravitated towards her rap-sing style, out-of-this-world flow, playful wordplay, imaginative storytelling, meaningful messages that both uplift & inform, & her positive energy. // Destiny was literally a miracle baby, born 9 years after her mother had tubal ligation & has since become a positive light force for others. Coming from a family of musicians, the passion for music came when she wrote songs at age 10, released them at 13, & performed in talent shows shortly after. She has 4 albums & a slew of EPs, which all include themes of encouragement, love, self-worth, purpose, unapologetically being yourself, & spreading positivity. Her conceptual music projects tend to combine other art forms, too. She reflects within & reminds others that they’re beautiful kings/queens in the 2016 album, Just A Reminder, & the single “Glow” came with a video, photoshoot, & custom apparel that highlighted the royalty in women of color. The 2018 album, Moon Melanin Mami, found her becoming a superhero, zooming the galaxy while rapping & singing over glitchy beats + the album is combined with a 3-part comic book! 🌈 By the end of 2019, she will have dropped 7 EPs for a ROY G. BIV  tape series, where each represents a color of the rainbow. That series pairs with a sci-fi phone game, where you get to be Moon Melanin Mami, navigating your way back to Earth. 🚀 Destiny goes from spittin’ laid-back, soul-spiritual bars jam-packed with motivational rhymes & fun wordplay, to becoming a save-the-world superhero/R&B moon goodness with an intergalactic flow, animated raps, & a universal mission to inspire; she can’t be contained. She operates under a DIY thumb: she produces & records in her own home, creates her own beats & lyrics, designs clothes, & does her own graphic design, video- & photography. She is also an active member of her community, having taught workshops about music & video production, in an effort to inspire people/the youth to see their potential. She’s dope!

FYI: Destiny has dropped new music since writing this intro. Listen to her new 3-track project, titled Out The Way.

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