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Blimes & Gab mini art print
Blimes & Gab mini art print

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Blimes & Gab mini art print


One 4″ x 6″ mini print of a portrait illustration that I did of emcees Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab. Together, they are Blimes and Gab. See originals here and here.

This is a LIMITED QUANTITY print, with only 4 to purchase right here. There are other opportunities to get one of these: by chance (ordering a “mystery print” where I randomly handpick one to send) or through a giveaway on my Instagram at a later date. That said, if you absolutely want one*, order quickly! First come, first serve.

* These are sold individually, meaning you can only buy one of Blimes and Gab. This way, other people have an opportunity to get their hands on one, too.


  • The sizing is that of a postcard: 4″ x 6″
  • Print is matte. The front (with the art) has a smooth, soft-feel coating. The back is a lime green color, and says “WOMXN IN HIP HOP BY TIFFANY BURRISS” in black lettering, on the bottom left corner. You are able to write on the back.
  • Each print comes numbered (on the back) and signed.
  • Colors are bold and vibrant, so they may appear different on your screen than how they are in real life.

Introduction that I wrote about Blimes Brixton in 2018: Blimes Brixton is an emcee & vocalist from California. I started seeing her name in videos back when she was going by the alias Oh Blimey (ie: when I saw the Cypher Effect episode 6 years ago with an all-female lineup), but I didn’t become a fan until 4 years ago, when I watched the music video for her song “Ew” featuring Gavlyn. Rewind for sec: When she went by the name Oh Blimey, she was being recognized as a battle rapper, but after a couple of years of the negativity that came with it, she dropped out of the scene to work on herself. In 2016, she made a name change, released new music, & started her own label, called Peach House Records, which is said to be a platform/home for other creative women (the label is also ran by all women). 👏🏻 Regarding her music, I’m into her multi-directional flow, the diversity in her songs (party jams, cutthroat bangers, personal/honest offerings), her sweet, silky singing voice, & I like how unapologetically true to herself she is in her music & otherwise. She has released a couple of projects under her old name (ie: MNFSTO in 2015 & Realer Than Fiction in 2012). She also has a joint EP with Gavlyn, called Dodgy, that dropped in 2016. Most recently, she’s been dropping music with emcee Gifted Gab (together, they’re B.A.G.), which has been super dope. She’s releasing new solo work, too, & working on her next album, called Castles, which (I think) will be the first album under the new name. Some other things? Method Man enlisted her to coach a celebrity on the TBS show Drop The Mic. She has a song & video with Meth, too, called “Hot Damn”, which has amassed over 3M views. The Blimes & Gifted Gab video for “Come Correct” went viral, collectively earning over 20M+ views. She has performed all over, including overseas, headlining, doing opening spots, & bangin’ out huge festivals. Anyway, look her up! @blimesbrixton.


Introduction that I wrote about Gifted Gab in 2018: Gifted Gab is an emcee from Washington. I got put onto her a few months ago, when I saw the “Come Correct” music video by @blimesandgab. I loved how they fed off each other’s words, effortlessly trading bars & being an impressive lyricist. Gifted Gab has a cool, easy-going flow (her delivery doesn’t need to be aggressive, because her rhymes carry all the weight). Equipped with hard-hitting punchlines, wordplay that’ll make you do a double-take, funny quotables, a take-no-prisoners attitude, & a versatile pen game, she has music for: driving at night; smokin’ in your room; twerking on the dancefloor; your summer BBQ playlist; going through a breakup; sittin’ on cloud 9 or sexin’ ya boo; robbin’ somebody; some I’ma-do-me anthems; & everything in between. Throw a concept at her, she’s got’chu covered. All that combined with beat choice & her incredible singing, her music reminds me of West Coast golden-era rap + late 90’s/early 00’s R&B, & I’m all the way heeeeere for it! It’s SO GOOD! Her journey through music began at an early age, singing in church choir with her mom, which eventually led to her memorizing rap lyrics & studying the culture. After uploading self-recorded music to YouTube, honing her craft, & building with various Seattle rappers along the way, she soon linked with Nacho Picasso & joined the Moor Gang rap collective. In 2012, she released her first EP, titled Queen La’Chiefah. A couple of years later, she released her debut album, Girl Rap, & has since released two more projects, with her sophomore album (Gab The Most High, 2016) being her most recent solo work. ALL dope, find ’em on Bandcamp. She also has the duo with Blimes, as mentioned. She has performed at countless shows & festivals, & is currently rocking stages with Blimes. Enough words from me, get familiar with @gifted_gab.

FYI: They have since released new music since writing those introductions, both solo and together. Check out their debut EP, titled Talk About It, anywhere you can (for example: Spotify or Apple Music).

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