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category: Clients, Flyers

Wide Awake Tour

In March of 2015, Kap Kallous commissioned me to design a flyer for a tour that was going to include him, Psalm One, and Irv Da Phenom. Unfortunately, the tour didn't happen and the flyer never saw the light of day. A couple of years later, I finally shared the main element pieces (their illustrated faces + the main header), because it's all still really cool.

The general art direction that Kap gave me was essentially the words: psychedelic, third eyes, and stained glass.


Creating a psychedelic tour flyer by including the 3 artists heads with third-eyes centered on their foreheads. Also features illustrated stained glass, a circle of eyes, colorful goop, & general fun, happy colors.

  • Date

    April 4, 2015

  • Skills

    Illustrator and Graphic Design

  • Client

    Kap Kallous