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The Grouch

In the words of The Grouch, YOU AIN'T ARTSIER THAN ME!

My earliest memory of listening to emcee-producer The Grouch was back in 2002-ish, with Living Legends' Almost Famous album and playing the hell out of songs like "Night Prowler", "Rabbit Hole", "Flawless", "Soap Boxn" and "Nothing Less". Aaand the first Grouch solo album that I bought was No More Greener Grasses ("Everafter" on repeat, yes?), in 2003, and the last one was the G&E triple CD project The Tortoise & The Crow. Ahhh, he is such a force. It's pretty dope to me that a lot of the underground hip hop artists that I listened to over a decade ago are still making noise today, with The Grouch being one of them. If you don't know his name, or even the Living Legends, go bless your ears.

"I'm on a mission to set my intentions high // Be my best, never let my ambitions die // What rendition am I? // Singin', bringin' it all back, swingin' it wide // Steppin'; my mind's a verified weapon // Got a callin' // Ahh, led like Zepplin // I ain't gonna be a follower // Inspired bliss with a twist like Oliver"

  • Date

    April 30, 2018

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