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Murphy Chops logo

Music producer Murphy Chops commissioned me to create a logo. His specifications for the logo were that he wanted: a circular logo; the colors black, white, and blue; and he wanted the main focal point to be a meat cleaver due to his style of chopping samples.

I delivered 5 different draft logo ideas, which included various cleaver styles and music elements (that way people would recognize that his business has to do with music production and not something that's cooking-related). We went with the single horizontal cleaver, vinyl record in the background, and the top half of the logo having a break/gap above the cleaver to give it that subtle "chopped" effect. We also decided to add another color to the logo to make it pop, and since he uses the Maschine MK1 in his studio, we went with orange (orange and blue are good complimentary colors, too). I played around with the color placements, and this is the final outcome.


Create a logo that would represent his musical style and production business

  • Date

    February 5, 2019

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  • Client

    Murphy Chops