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category: Album Art

Monsters Are Due… (pt 3)

The Monsters Are Due on CrayonBeats is a concept compilation series that I created. As a longtime fan of both The Twilight Zone tv show & the Goosebumps books, I have always wanted to hear the stories told through music; hip hop, specifically. As co-owner & music journalist at CrayonBeats, I decided to make this happen by contacting a list of my favorite music makers to see if they'd want to participate.

The proposal was that they'd choose a story from either the show or books, then write & record a new song that would tell it in their own way with their unique styles. I liked the prior two projects that I did in 2012 & 2014, so I wanted to do it third time! What came out from that was 8 more titles that pulled from the two series, & it's nothing short of dope.

I designed the album art, of course. The first two projects featured Rod Serling & R.L. Stine on the front covers, but this time I wanted to something different & more elaborate. I pulled some of the most recognizable characters from various TZ & GB stories & drew them inside of the letters.

After this third volume of music in this Monsters Are Due... series, I also drew up an accompanying design with drippy text for apparel. Swipe to the third picture for visual.


Curate the album by staying in touch with the musicians via email, providing feedback, enforcing deadlines, & making sure it (+ my vision) all came together. Designed front & back album covers with an eerie sci-fi theme that made the music inspirations evident. Also designed & released apparel designs for this series.