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category: Album Art

Monsters Are Due… (pt 1)

The Monsters Are Due on CrayonBeats is a concept compilation series that I created. As a longtime fan of both The Twilight Zone tv show & the Goosebumps books, I have always wanted to hear the stories told through music; hip hop, specifically. As co-owner & music journalist at CrayonBeats, I decided to make this happen by contacting a list of my favorite music makers to see if they'd want to participate.

The proposal was that they'd choose a story from either the show or books, then write & record a new song that would tell it in their own way with their unique styles. I was fortunate enough to have 19 artists join in on the fun by delivering incredible songs with combined themes of horror, paranormal, fantasy, & all things sci-fi.

I designed the project art, of course, by drawing Rod Serling & R.L. Stine portraits.


Curate the album by staying in touch with the musicians via email, providing feedback, enforcing deadlines, & making sure it (+ my vision) all came together. Also designed front & back album covers with an eerie sci-fi theme that made the music inspirations evident.