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category: Album Art, Clients

MC Bravado – Like Water For Hangovers

I was commissioned by MC Bravado to design the front and back covers for his 2018 album, titled Like Water for Hangovers. The album released in June via Soulspazm Records.

The idea that he had for the cover was that hip hop is in a drugged out, foggy, hungover type stage, and this album is the equivalent of the next day's hope; the quench of thirst and rejuvenation one needs. "I want it to feel hopeful, but not too bright/happy; almost a glimmer of sunlight among dark days," he said.

I translated that into showing a dark corner of someone's room, which happens to be the music area. There is a bit of "up all night" evidence (beer bottles, chip baggies, red cups and a pong ball, crunched cans, etc), kind of presenting as a good time, but the music area is damaged/cluttered with junk. However, the most prominent pieces of the room are brightly colored water bottles, with glows of light shining at them, scattered throughout the room, which is the "savior" to the hangover. And the water is this album.

I designed the back cover to look like a nutrition label, which I think is pretty dope and effective. This album and its singles tie together with themed art and a story line all done within the same aesthetic.