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category: Clients

Kris Kollection package designs

I was commissioned late 2017 by Seed Beauty LLC to design a couple of vector illustrations of Kris Jenner, which would be used on some of the packaging of Kris Jenner's first makeup collection. Titled the Kris Kollection and released via Kylie Cosmetics, the makeup collection was officially released on Mothers Day 2018.

I drew the face portrait that is seen on eye shadow palette and the side portrait illustration that is seen as a repeat pattern on the face palette. This is my first big project, so it was really cool to see things that I drew on such a grand scale with such big names.

The photos of the products you see here were not photographed by me, but were taken directly from shops website, so that you can see them in action (certain aspects of the designs were changed for printing purposes). You can also see them being celebrated on YouTube by all the beauty gurus and even Kris herself, haha! Yay!


My tasks were to illustrate Kris Jenner's face and popular pose, both in vector format, to be used in print packaging. I was given specific notes about how things should be, in regards to making sure certain features were drawn as expected, line width, and to color match specific Pantone colors for printing.