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category: Album Art, Clients

J.Quest – That Boy Quizzy

I was commissioned by J.Quest to design the front and back covers to his sophomore album, titled That Boy Quizzy. In discussing the art direction, he referenced scuba diving, James Bond underwater fight scenes, and his general love for aquatic life.

FRONT COVER: With the main music producer on the album being Lyrical Tone, I drew he and J.Quest in scuba gear, having a little bit of a musical duel (more like a collaboration) under water. J.Quest with a microphone in his hand, since he's the rapper, and Lyrical Tone with a keyboard and vinyl record in his hands, since he's the producer. I drew them mid-ocean, surrounded by fish, a turtle, and a shark swimming just beneath their feet.

BACK COVER: This is the final scene of that duel, where you see the microphone and vinyl record resting at the ocean's floor and the two scuba divers swimming off into the distance, together. To give this just as much life and color, I drew various coral reefs and ocean floor life.

I didn't want to go the direction of typical bright, royal/light blues for the ocean, so instead brought it more into the realm of a deep teal color, giving it the illusion that they're far down in the water. I chose contrasting/complementary colors of bold pops of lime green, orange, and other deep hues of warm and cool tone colors.

This is one of my favorite, most ambitious projects to date.