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category: Inktober, Personal, Portraits

Inktober 2016 / Ain’t No Half Coloring

This was the first year that I decided to participate in the annual art challenge, called INKTOBER. The challenge is to tasks artists, of any/all mediums, to draw something new every day during the month of October. The creator, Jake Parker, always releases word prompt lists that people can follow to get daily inspiration, but it isn't a requirement to follow them; you can follow other people's word prompt lists, create your own, or just freestyle it as you go.

For my INKTOBER, I decided to keep it hip hop and drew portraits of 31 musicians that I enjoy(ed) listening to over the years. I was off/on with following word prompts, and some days I just went rogue. To not be to stressed and to keep it simple, I did it in a line art style with single color fills.

After INKTOBER ended, I wanted to do something special and unique with my collection of drawings, so I decided to compile them all in a coloring book! I stripped all the colors, turned them into B&W line art, and put them in my very first, self-released coloring book, titled Ain't No Half Coloring. Yes, that's a play on Big Daddy Kane's "Ain't No Half Steppin'"! The coloring books tend to be limited in quantity, hand signed, and released in my shop.