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Portrait illustrations


Starts at $130

“Flat” is equivalent to only solid color fills; no color highlights or shadows. Don’t misconstrue that for boring, though! They still look awesome and pop with color.


Starts at $155

“Mid-way” is a mix between “flat” and “full”. There’s essentially one color highlight and one color shadow, giving your portrait a little more depth and contrast.


Starts at $210

“Full” means that there is a lot of color, giving your portrait more dimension with the use of highlights and shadows. It looks like if you could touch the image, you’d feel the shape someone’s facial features or the folds of clothing.

  • ALL PORTRAITS are for personal, non-commercial use.
  • They’re all generally drawn from the chest and up (depending on what you want and the pose, it could include hands without an extra fee).
  • If you want half body (from the hips/waist and up, including hands and arms) or full body, it’ll cost a bit more. Conversely, if you want just a head/face, it’ll cost a bit less.
  • All portrait illustrations include a simple background of any one color (white is the standard, unless you specify one) or gradient.
  • If you want just line art (no color fills; may remind you of a coloring book page), that starts at $75 for a standard portrait.
ADD-ONS COST EXTRA! There will be an additional fees for the following: 1) adding another person or pet to the portrait; 2) wanting a more detailed/elaborate background; 3) if you want half or full body; 4) if it's a rushed job where you'd need it sooner than 1-2 weeks; 5) if you will be using it commercially, like selling it on apparel and/or physical product (absolutely cannot sell my work as NFTs).

Album or single covers


Starts at $200

Here are some album and single covers that I’ve done for around that price (give or take). The “starting price” is just that – it may go up or down depending on the complexity (for example, certain portrait style designs are less). May work with your budget.



Typically $300

This is for a fully designed logo from scratch, delivered in whatever file format(s) you need or may need in the future. Price could differ depending on complexity (note: if you wanted to use your portrait illustration as a logo, it’d be a bit more than portrait prices). May work with your budget.

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