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Hello, my name is Tiffany!

I’m a digital illustrator and graphic designer from Arizona. As ordinary as it sounds, my artwork is inspired by music, feelings, cool color combinations, and art that surrounds me. That said, I tend to gravitate towards drawing people and album/song covers, but I’m open to any kind of cool projects that you might have!

I’ve dabbled with most art mediums since I was a kid, and have always been considered creative. I’d say that I got into graphic/web design around 1998 (I’ll save the whole run-down on that for another time, but I started at Geocities and PSP7, now I’m here!), and then vector illustration around 2005. My weapons of choice are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and a graphics tablet (I use a Huion 1060 Plus right now). I’m a self-taught, passion-chasing woman who has spent several years getting to where I’m at and I’m always trying to evolve as an artist.

Some personal art highlights include: Self-releasing my first coloring book, called Ain’t No Half Coloring (2017), & now have a total of 3 books available; Ain’t No Half Coloring Vol. 3 sits in a vault at Cornell University, in the hip hop section of the Kroch Library (2019); and I was hired to do illustrations of Kris Jenner that are on a couple of beauty product palettes in her first make-up line (2019). Check my portfolio over here.

Aside from art, I am also a music journalist (on a hiatus). My passion for writing about music began in 2008… ecstatically blogging, interviewing, and reviewing music (mainly hip hop) under the alias Tiffology (I was previously co-owner at CrayonBeats). I’ve written over 3K blog posts and countless print features in CrayonBeats Magazine. Through CB, I’ve further gained experience in interviewing, writing/editing, curating music projects, doing print layouts, web design, and running a business.

In my free time, you can find me listening to music, eating delicious foods, reading graphic novels, kickin’ back watching TV (big fan of sci-fi, horror, action/suspense, and drama), playing PC games, and enjoying time with family.

Ain't No Half Coloring

In 2017, I self-released my first coloring book, called Ain’t No Half Coloring; yes, the title is a little nod to Big Daddy Kane! The idea for a coloring book came to life at the end of 2016, after participating in my first year of the annual drawing challenge, called Inktober, where artists are tasked to draw something new every day during October. I did portrait illustrations of 31 hip hop musicians that I enjoy and drew them in a simple line art style. What better way to keep them all together in one spot than a coloring book, for people of all ages to enjoy? Voilà! There are currently 3 coloring books in the Ain’t No Half Coloring series.

As a side note, the 3rd one came out in 2018 and featured nothing but women. To my knowledge, it’s also the first one to highlight women in hip hop! As someone who has been involved in the hip hop community since for over 10 years, as a music journalist, I wanted to do my part to shed light and love for the many talented, diverse women in hip hop. With this one, and going forward, I let the journalist in me come out to play through the detailed introductions that I write about each musician, which goes into the coloring books.